Thank you for your business and for giving Industrial Steel & Wire the opportunity to service you with the best network of metal service centers and the best employees in the United States.

For nearly 80 years, our focus has been to deliver exceptional service to our customers by providing them with excellent quality wire and strip products at competitive prices and on-time delivery. Our company core values have created a work environment and culture where each employee cares about the customer and ensures that customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Industrial Steel & Wire Company has six strategically located warehouses where we offer wire distribution services to the Spring, Forming, and Cold-Heading Industries. We offer Straighten-and-Cut wire services in Chicago, Charlotte, and Los Angeles. In Los Angeles we also provide Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and non-Ferrous Alloy strip products and custom slitting services.

We look forward to continuing our history of exceptional service and partnering with you, our customers, to ensure that you can remain competitive and we can prosper together into the future!

Dr. Brian K. Furlong




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